Control your cargo.
Track your fleet.
Locate Assets.

Reduce risks. Save costs. React to threats.
Improve your logistics planning.
We develop superior monitoring solutions for live tracking of your assets in multimodal supply chains: Ocean, Rail, Land and Air.

What we do

Precise location tracking
Theft and Intrusion detection
Cold chain monitoring
Cargo Integrity
Movement / Standstill
Fleet monitoring

Superior technology

Durable, commercial-grade devices developed from 20 years experience.

24/7 Control

Easy web dashboard for 24/7 insight into your cargo and fleet details. API access available.

Care & Trust

We listen and provide individual responses and when needed, newly designed hardware solutions.


Safety device for dry and reefer containers, with door sensor and superior GPS
Door to door tracking with any loading unit and all transport modes. Certified by 40+ airlines
Premium container monitoring with highest security standard
Temperature monitoring for product compliance. Works with all other device types.
Permanent tracking of movable assets such as trailer / swap bodies
A-type update with increases position accuracy, light sensor and a door (laser) sensor
Universal fit tracker with high security measures and superior position accuracy
No match found? We develop hardware tailored to meet your needs.

Dashboard and API

Use our dashboard, integrate your trackers or both. Monitor your cargo in transit. Control and configure your devices. Create geofences, setup alerts, adjust sensors, add new users. To integrate Kirsen devices and tracking data into third-party platforms, request our API documentation.

What sets us apart
Customer experience
We provide full-service customer support to ensure a successful setup and long term adoption.
We have passion for what we do and we make no compromise when it comes to the performance of our hardware, software and APIs.
Our team has more than 20 years experience in developing IoT devices. We were the pioneers in container monitoring starting in 2002.
We customize our solution to your project requirements.
We take care of device logistics, develop concepts and SOPs for your project and are always available for consultation.
We value our customers feedback. Your ideas and use cases determine the products that we're offering.
99€ incl. delivery
Shipment only within EU and North America, after receiving the payment

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