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I need a device quickly. How long does an order take?
Small orders will be shipped out same day. We ship to locations within the EU in 2 days, the US in 3 days and to Asia within 4 days.
Why hasn't my device reported for the last couple days?
The device needs a cellular network to send the data it has recorded. Cellular networks are not available on high seas or in remote areas.
I have a very special use case and I need a configuration which exactly fulfills my needs. Can you help?
Yes, sure. Our Tech-team is happy to help and advise you with the optimal configuration and setup of alerts and notifications. There are plenty of possibilities and we will find the best possible setup for you.
I want to track my containers and supply chains, but I don't know how I can organize the logistics of the devices and the return.
We will develop a concept with you based on your data. Either we organize the device logistics or we involve our partners so that there is an optimal tracking fleet for your purpose with an efficient utilization rate.
All my trackers are on the same vessel / train but they show different locations. Why is this?
Every sensor follows its individual schedule. It can happen that the trackers send their data at different times and this might look like that the train is split. Please compare the timestamp of the last data. Ask us if you need further assistance