Our customers benefits

Our solutions enable you to improve your business in various fields
Security and Control
Reduce risk of theft and intrusion and take action.

Control and alerts on sensor thresholds for any sensor, depending on your cargo requirements.

Optional law enforcement.

Detect tampering and smuggling attempts.

Enjoy peace of mind.
Tracking and Tracing
Detect delays and adjust plans.

Locate lost and stolen cargo.

Route and control forwarders and suppliers.

Geofencing and Geocorridors.

Manage your asset fleet.

Work with logistics events.
Customer Satisfaction
Full transparency towards your customer.

Avoid hidden damages and deliver highest quality.

Improve your stock planning to better serve your customers.

Build up trust by innovation and valuing your customers needs.

Inform your customer immediately about supply chain interruptions and delay.
Finance and Working Capital
Control the shipment and improve your planning reduces the bullwhip effect.

Reduce stock and working capital through optimised planning and replenishment strategies.

Save on insurance premiums through implementing higher security measures with our solution.
Compliance and Regulation
Prove that your product has been treated in compliance with its requirements.

Avoid that your cargo is used to smuggling attempts.

Show transparency to customs authorities to accelerate customs clearance.
Success stories
Case study #1
Security project for government transports
  • Transport of security sensitive and confidential cargo
  • Container was opened and parts of cargo was stolen
  • Big attention to the case and temporary moratorium on transports of this specific cargo
  • Increase of cost as all further shipments with accompanying security personnel
  • Container security monitoring with immediate intrusion alerts
  • Numerous tests were carried out to improve and define highest security measures
  • Detection of door open events with a mechanical door sensor
  • Detection of welding attempts with a highly sensitive light sensor
  • Zero-theft rate since implementation of the system
  • Increased sensitivity of alerts while reducing the false alerts
  • Long-term partnership since 2013
  • All tests carried out by the customer were passed successfully
  • Improved hardware design
Case study #2
Temperature alerting project in pharma supply chain
  • Sensitive pharmaceutical and high value cargo in reefer containers
  • Cargo perishes if exposed to temperatures above 5° for more than xx hours in total while in transit
  • Temperature non-compliance caused high costs and loss of cargo
  • Stock shortages of goods at target markets
  • Two measurement points in the container: next to the door and inside the container with connected BTD
  • Temperature and position monitoring with temperature and humidity sensors
  • Immediate SMS alerts when temperature exceeds 5° and more alerts when the temperature keeps rising
  • Enables you to take immediate action when temperature exceeds 5°
  • High cost savings
  • Decrease of insurance premiums
  • Long-term relation with the customer and continuous strive for innovation and improvement
Case study #3
Air to Ocean project and impact on packaging and customer satisfaction
  • Electronical products with Lithium batteries
  • High value of each shipment to global distribution centers
  • Unknown impact on the packaging strategy due to humidity, temperature and handling
  • Risk of theft
  • Risk of delays and stock issues could lead to customer dissatisfaction
  • Real time monitoring with door, light, tilt, G-Force, vibration and motion sensors as well as temperature and humidity sensors
  • Big data analysis for all routes and seasons
  • Device logistics concept
  • Standard operating procedures including instruction to all involved stakeholders worldwide
    (more than 50 locations)
  • Position confirms the ETAs and therefore save cost for replenishments shipments, storage space and reduce bullwhip effect
  • Derivation of future logistics strategies
  • Mass data collection and analysis of big data
Case study #4
Drugs in supply chain movements to Europe
  • Standard container shipments from South America to Europe
  • Drugs were found in some container
  • Seizure by authorities led to huge losses and scarcity of a raw material
  • Our mission is to find out which containers are affected...
  • ...and when the drugs are added
  • Close tracking of container movements in South America
  • Development of a Door open alert logic (SOAP)
  • Implementation of pause alerts (GPS movement: message when the container is moving and when it stands still on designated areas)
  • Reporting of position data every 5 min
  • Door alerts and supporting light alerts for door openings
  • Successfully identified smuggling attempts
  • A joint effort from customs and police forces lead to the arrest of suspects in Europe while trying to retrieve the drugs
  • Early warning for suspicious containers enable risk mitigation strategies
  • Fewer container losses
  • Warning to criminals
Case study #5
Packaging optimisation project in the automotive industry
  • Transport of high value automotive parts by rail: engines, crankshafts etc.
  • Damages while in transit on new silk road
  • Tilt and G-Forces on the silk road unknown
  • Impact from narrow to broad gauge uncertain
  • Humidity and temperature
  • Risk of customer dissatisfaction due to production stop and delivery delays
  • Analysis and elaboration of an optimal parameter setting for the use case
  • Generation of reports for the entire trip with detailed recorded data
  • Analysis of the damaging process and the influencing factors
  • Seasonal data gathering
  • New packaging proposal for such parts
  • Successful optimisation of the packaging based on KGS reports: Wooden packaging
  • Preparation of parts with conservation methods
  • Prevention of losses due to hidden damages
  • Save cost for use of silk road while keeping the quality
  • Decrease cost (less urgent air deliveries, less damages)
Case study #6
Hidden damages project in the wine industry
  • Transport of high value wine from France to the US
  • Hidden damages: Wine with price of 300$ per bottle tastes like vinegar
  • Temperature in the container was far above threshold
  • Unawareness of the situation
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Bad reviews for winemaker
  • High cost for loss of the wine
  • Temperature monitoring throughout the transport
  • Proposed to combine the temperature profile with wine ID label to prove good quality
  • Immediate awareness of hidden damages
  • Improved replenishment planning enabled
  • Non delivery to customers of perished wine
  • Insurance premium savings