Dashboard and API
You decide how you process your supply chain data. We offer to control your supply chain through our Dashboard with a broad range of options and configurations.

You may also receive the data into your system through an API so that you can integrate the data and connect them to other sources.

A mixture of both variants, e.g. controlling the devices from our portal while processing data in your own system is also possible.

Flexible update rates for all sensors from seconds to hours, including instant notifications when a threshold has been exceeded. Advanced modes such as high communication during movement and low-frequent communication during standstill. Every sensor can be configured individually to your needs.
Our team is glad to help you finding the optimal configuration and provide you with technical insights on your chosen parameter set.
Configuration and Parameters
Key facts
All sensors can be configured to your needs
Instant notifications to your inbox
Geofences and Geocorridors
Group management of devices
Fleet overview
Create, manage and enable new users
Many more options for bot non-techies and tech-savvy users
API and API Push
Our hardware and software systems integrate with your IT systems, allowing you to know at all times where your cargo is and to intervene in the event of delay or intrusion.
Integration of data into your system (optional adding AIS data and real-time data from other sources)
Control and configuration of the hardware from your system
Secure, stable and encrypted connection to our backend
Request the integration documentation