Cold supply chain
A second measurement point inside of the container enables you to take action when the temperature rises / falls before your cargo is damaged. Prove to your customer that there are no hidden damages to your cargo.
Small, rechargeable, red colored
Secure and stable Bluetooth connection to the t-type
Flexible position in the container
Choose your update rate
Intrusion: Door events and instant notifications by Mail / SMS.

Light: Ultra-sensitive light sensor 0 to 65.000 (non-dimensional).

Motion: Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) detects movements inside of the container.
Environmental conditions
Temperature -30° to 65°.

Optional 2nd measurement point with additional BTD.

Humidity from 0% to 100%
Handling Monitoring
Shock: 3 dimensional, up to 13.85 g with 0.2g tolerance.

Vibration: 0 g^2 / Hz to 30 g^2/Hz with 0.4 g^2/Hz tolerance.

Tilt: 0° to 180° wit 1 ° accuracy.
ON: All sensors configurable over the air.

ON: Movement option – frequent 5 minutes update rate while moving, low and adjustable update rate during standstill.

OFF: Reverse / Return.

GPS with down to 2,5 m accuracy.

Triangulation with cell phone towers.

GPS Jamming detection.

Geofencing options.
Spec sheet
Global (95%), Several network operators per country

Data Transfer:
GPRS/EDGE, 3G, Quad Band GSM, Dual Band UMTS/HSDPA 900/2100Mhz, Secured wireless data encryption (APN)

Communication to BTD:
Secured Bluetooth Communication, remote control

Location Tracking:
L1 Receiver: 16 channels, position Accuracy: <2.5m CEP, receiver Sensitivity: -167dBm (tracking)

SIM Card:
3FF, micro size, embedded by default, exchangeable

Lithium-Polymer, rechargeable with Mini USB, 5.000 mAh, 3.7Volt, 18.5 Wh, BTD: 3.300mAh Li-Ion, rechargeable, UN38.3 certified


220 x 71 x 55 mm

350 grams

Firmware and sensor control:
Over the Air sensor configuration, Over the air firmware updates / modifications

UN38.3, CE, MSDS, RoHs